Phone Sex

Welcome to the sounds of sex website. If you are here by accident, then be advised that this site deals with matters of an adult nature where sounds of sex make me and my callers come together.

This site is not about sounds of sex downloads, free or otherwise.. There are far better places for you to look if that is what you want. However if you want hear women come just for you then is where the action is and the telephone is how you get to hear them.


But just to wet your appetite, the clip below is something you might want to hear.. Make sure there are no kids in the room though as the sound of woman’s orgasm can be loud and is definitely not something you would want your young uns of even your spouse to hear.

So how do you find a woman you have never met before, a complete stranger, and get so intimate with her as to share an orgasm together?

Well phone sex of course!

You have heard of it before.. It’s a multi million dollar industry making a lot of the big boys fat and rich and the rest of us ticking up nicely through a job that is giving us a decent living as well as an opportunity to come together, share the sounds of sex through phone sex fantasies.

Phone sex is also helping singles and couples become better lovers and people and this is one of the perks of doing what I do.. People pay fortunes to their psychologist to speak for months about their sexuality, or they pick up the phone and for less than the price of a pizza and a beer, and they can talk to me.

The difference? You don’t get to take you dick out and stroke it up and down when sitting on your psychologist’s sofa, but with me you do!

And not just stroking either! But you’ll have to phone me first to find out more…

Phone Sex